Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Developments in Game Technology

I have recently watched a couple of interesting videos showcasing some new technology being used in computer games. The first of which is the trailer for a new game called 'L.A Noire' from Rockstar Games developer Team Bondi.

What is most striking about the trailer is the facial animation specifically the lip-sync. Using a new motion capture system where they 'capture without using markers ... the exterior of people instead of bones.' (McNamara 2010) the developers have been able to really raise the level of realism of facial animation for games. Although I would definitly not go as far as saying it eliminates the uncanny valley as McNamara states in the interview for Game Informer this is a huge step forward in what has been seen in games up till now.

The second video shows the new Character Creator from the upcoming EVE Online expansion 'Incursion'.

The graphics and high level of detail of the model are impressive but what I find even more impressive is that the user can make changes to the proportions and shape of the face and body very easily, intuitivly, all in real time. This kind of intuitive interaction for character creation is something I would love to see intergrated into a 3D animation package such as Maya.

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